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There’s no better entertainment than watching your favorite show on Xfinity Cable TV. But what if you’ve run out of content and want to enjoy something more adventurous? If that’s the case, then playing games can be your ideal choice!

The decade of the 2010s has been phenomenal for the video game industry as a whole, with two generations of consoles and thousands of games released. It was considered but ultimately abandoned because there were simply too many excellent video games released between 2010 and the closing days of 2019 for anyone to be named the best of the decade.

So, without further ado, here are some of our favorite games from the past decade.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

When it comes to scary video games, few can compare to Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Its wonderful Victorian backdrop and varied methods of suspense make for an atmosphere that is both terrifying and fascinating. A minute later, you may be being followed by a very real unseen creature in water up to your waist, and the next, you could be being followed by a noisy beast that was never there in the first place.

Daniel’s journey through the increasingly unsettling hallways of Brennenburg Castle yields shocks that startle in the moment and insights that unnerve hours after playing.

Civilization 5

Civilization V simplifies the complexities of 4X strategy in a way that makes them accessible to gamers of all skill levels. The second expansion for this hex-based version of the classic human-history simulator series greatly improves the game’s ability to allow you to explore almost infinite “what if?” scenarios with a wide variety of interesting historical figures at the helm of the world’s nations.

It seems highly unique, even amid its comparable brothers, thanks to its more constrained one-unit-per-tile tactical warfare and creative approach to administration.

Call of Duty: Black Ops

The first Black Ops game in the Call of Duty franchise is still highly regarded as one of the series’ finest entries. Even though its visual fidelity pales in comparison to its modern descendants, the game’s compelling single-player espionage story, outstanding multiplayer suite, and what would eventually become the new foundation for the Zombies mode still shine from a design perspective.

Fallout: New Vegas

New Vegas is the best of the Fallout games because of its rich cast of characters, bleak sense of humor, and adaptable plot.

The war between the newly formed California Republic, Caesar’s Legion, and the enigmatic Mr. House feels like anything but a white-and-black option between the good and the bad due to the presence of several groups with deep, shades-of-gray people populating the wastes with compelling moral options. What makes it more enjoyable is that you get to choose the outcome.

Mass Effect 2

If you’re a fan of role-playing games, movies, stories, or characters, you need to play Mass Effect 2. BioWare’s ability to expose us to fascinating new and recurring characters in their game worlds was on full display in this series.

Well-written dialogue options and the branches of relationships they prompted made each dynamic feel personal. BioWare’s storytelling prowess was on full display, from the intricate relationships between characters to the planet expeditions and the discovery of new civilizations and political systems that Shepard had to learn to navigate.


To the uninitiated, this pixelated building simulation might appear like a standard block construction kit, yet beneath this low-poly heap of squares lurks one of the most powerful, complex, and perpetually inspirational video games ever created. Players in Minecraft’s survival mode must scavenge for food, build makeshift shelters, and defend themselves from waves of gruesome skeletons and spiders.

However, the game’s open-ended creative mode has inspired an entirely new breed of streamers as well as creators to try their hands at recreating all that from the Millenium Falcon to elaborate kingdoms and even fully functional machines out of a set of hinders that look as though they were drawn in Microsoft Paint. Even now, nine years after its initial release, the game continues to receive massive amounts of fresh content and connect with millions of players around the world.

NBA 2k11

Success for the long-running NBA 2K series skyrocketed in the fall of 2010, while its major competition, NBA Live, fell into a phase of reconstruction mode it has yet to escape.

NBA 2K11 came together into a fantastic pro basketball simulator that, indeed, also signed the elusive legendary himself, Michael Jordan, for a feature in a video game, while NBA Live, which was seeking to reinvent itself as NBA Elite, was canceled at the last minute.

Red Dead Redemption

The cinematic storytelling in Red Dead Redemption was revolutionary. The siege of Fort Mercer, the journey into Mexico, and that ending are all unforgettable landmarks in John Marston’s epic saga.

Its wide, hostile setting, diverse cast of individuals, and gripping stories left us waiting for the sequel for the better part of a decade.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

There may not have been a finer mainline Mario game since the release of Super Mario Galaxy 2, even if the original Super Mario Galaxy did not come out until the next decade. The 2010 Galaxy sequel featured a vastly expanded galaxy, each of which presented its own unique set of obstacles, gameplay twists, and ingenious gimmicks. The addition of Yoshi to the gravity-defying gameplay paradigm is vital (and adorable! ), and it improves the game immensely in Super Mario Galaxy 2.


These top ten must-play games serve up a diverse gaming experience that’s sure to pique a wide array of interests. Whether you’re all about high-octane action, strategic thinking, or getting lost in captivating narratives, this list has something for every player out there.